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The Inversus Gown

It’s all in the details…

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The gowns open sleeves allows practitioners to perform IV delivery, drainage checks and patient observations in a more efficient manner, that minimises patient disturbance and discomfort.


The fastenings of the gown are made of a low profile velcro this ensures the gown can be opened quickly during medical emergencies. Using a lower profile velcro means the velcro does not irritate patients skin and allows patients with decreased dexterity (Geriatrics and paediatrics to close their own gowns).
Unlike traditional velcro this low profile velcro does not collect lint and therefore can be sterilised when washed in line with NHS laundering standards.

Neck line

The gowns double V-neck feature  makes the gown reversible. Allowing the gown to be opened from the back or the front.
This gives access to patients being treated with a variety of medical needs.
This feature improves access to the neck and comfort for patients whilst lying horizontally in bed.


The silhouette of the gown and openings allows room for medical equipment to sit comfortably on the body without being pulled by the gown.

The gown wraps around the patients entire body. Allowing the patient to retain their modesty both pre and post operation.


96% of patients prefer the Inversus gown

The Inversus gown can withstand over 18 years worth of wash cycles and can be sterilised using NHS regulations

94% of clinicians believe the inversus gown can improve patient outcomes